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Headers: >> Download Header files [Release 6 US]

This update includes several minor repairs to header files that have been reported since Release 6 was shipped. The following items have changed:
  • We’ve added DEF CREATERESFILE(name$) which should work fine from 68k to OSX.
  • container$$ += container$$ has been fixed.
  • A bug where the last item in debugger pop-ups wasn't accessible has been fixed.
  • Push buttons were not always drawn in the expected state. This has been repaired in both the Appearance Runtime and the Standard BASIC Runtime.
  • A left-over Stop statement has now been removed from Button Close in the Runtime. Before this correction was made, the Button Close and Window Close statements could give rise to an unwanted and meaningless Stop alert.
  • The HTML routines needed some minor tweaking to bring them up to date for Mac OS X.
  • The SOUND routine had a memory leak that might have eventually filled the application heap during heavy and extended use.
  • There have been some minor changes to repair display issues with the Console Runtime.
  • USR OPENRFPERM has been reinstated as a replacement to FN OPENRFPERM. This function works in any system (Mac OS 7.x through Mac OS X). The calling convention is resRef = USR OPENRFPERM(resFileName$,vRefNum,permission). If resRef is zero or negative, then the file was not opened. If resRef is a positive number, the file was opened and it will have to be closed by your program using CALL CLOSERESFILE(resRef) at some point..
  • The ENABLE/DISABLE routines for menus were the old type which limited menus to 31 items. Now, when possible, the new Toolbox routines are used.
  • The internal workings of containers have been reworked to prevent possible out-of-memory situations.
Manuals: >> Download Porting to Carbon [Release 6 US]

This updated manual contains additional information: You'll find a detailed list of Low memory accessor functions and accessor routines for the most common opaque structures along with their declarations ready to be used with FB^3.

Examples: >> Download Example files [Release 6 US]

We made some modifications to a few of our 1800+ example files. This is an optional download and is not required unless one of these areas is of interest to you.
  • Toolbox Converter
  • Scrolling GWorld Example
  • Picture fields
  • SOUND Variations.Bas
  • EF Example.Bas
  • SuperSubScript II
  • Sneak preview.Bas

Last Updated
March 15th, 2002

Updater Program Generator US version 4.5.2 to 4.6.4
Updater Program Generator US version 4.6.1 to 4.6.4
Updater Program Generator US version 4.6.3 to 4.6.4

>> Program Generator US 4.6.4
This fixes an error in the help filter that kept you from changing balloon help text. It also fixes the white box that appeared when you put text into a field as the window was being activated.

>> Program Generator US 4.6.2 & 4.6.3
Fixes a bug related to the insertion of text in a field. This could cause random text to appear and might have frozen the computer during updates, quits, or saves.

>> Program Generator US 4.6.1.
Fixes crash on exit after save. Automatically builds the first window in a project.

There are currently no updates for FB^3. If you wish to be informed of any releases, either subscribe to the FB^3 mailing lists, or so that we can inform you.

March 21st, 2000
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