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This section of the site contains useful resources for FB^3 programmers. Don't hesitate to if you've also got a great resource tucked away in your bookmarks!


Click on the icon to download the Sherlock plug in for the FB Pouch. [The FB Pouch is a searchable Q&A base culled from the questions asked on the English-language FB list. Will most questions concern FBII, lots of material also applies to FB^3]. This Sherlock plug-in works with systems prior to OS X only.

Last Updated
January 2006

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Bernie Wylde

The Window Maker 1.4.6 (TWM), FutureBasic interface builder.
TWM allows the FutureBasic programmer to graphically create windows and controls, generating build window functions in a working shell in fully editable, FB3 carbon code. This shell can be used as the basis for a new project or its functions copied into an existing program.
Requirements: FutureBasic 3.7 or later, OS X 10.2 or later.

Further Information: here.

ScriptEase breaks the built-in Simple Scripts 255-char barrier and manages your libraries of functions or your favorite shells. Not only ScriptEase deals with the existing scripts handled by the FB^3 built-in mechanism, but it allows you to create or edit scripts of any size and organize them as you see fit. Icing on that cake, ScriptEase is faster than Simple Scripts!
A must-have productivity tool for all FutureBasic programmers at one click away here.

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Alain Pastor

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Code Styler 1.3.8 prettifies and harmonizes your source code files. This Carbon application is built with the great Appearance runtime here. For the PPC version only click here.

QuiXample 1.7.4 is a plain-text searching tool designed as an FB^3 plug-in Editor that features an extremely fast engine. You can perform case sensitive searches on whole or partial words skipping remarks if you wish. You can store up to 20 favorite folders to scan at any time. The resulting list can be sorted by name, modification date, path or number of matching occurrences. You can select a file in the list to open it in the Editor, reveal it in the Finder, copy it to the Clipboard, Style it with Code Styler or simply label it. Among other new features in this latest release, QuiXample allows you to search directly into the Apple's documentation included the Apple headers provided you have installed on your HD the Developer tools that come along with the installation CD of OS X system software. QuiXample allows now to search for FB keywords in the documentation.
QuiXample screenshot
Benchmark this!

On a G4/400 in Mac OS 9, searching for the word "window" in the 2523 files located inside the Examples folder takes 4 seconds... 1165 files are loaded in memory and searched, the resulting list has 766 items. In OS X the same search is performed in around 40 ticks!!!
Yes, you read it that well...

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Download QuiXample 1.7.4

DataBrowser For Dummies 3.1 is a library of 140 FutureBASIC functions intended to ease the learning of the Carbon DataBrowser control.
Although the package is built like a tutorial illustrating the powerful abilities of the DataBrowser, the library can be included in real projects. Both beginners and advanced programmers can reap instant benefits using it.

The package contains:

DataBrowser For Dummies.Incl:
This is the library that implements around 98% of the DataBrowser API by Apple and more.

Tlbx ControlDefinitions.Incl:
This is an FB Header file containing all the Toolbox declarations required to get the things going with extra declarations currently missing from the FutureBASIC header files. It implements 250 new Toolbox functions related to the Control Manager.

A series of tiny examples strongly documented. Each one of them showcasing a specific feature of the DataBrowser control and how to implement it with the DataBrowser For Dummies library.
As a bonus, three examples using Toolbox calls only.

tn2009 DataBrowser.pdf:
The DataBrowser documentation from Apple. A must read.

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Download DataBrowser For Dummies

MoreFilesX For FB 1.1 is a library containing a collection of useful high-level File Manager routines for Carbon. It is an adaptation for FutureBASIC of the MoreFilesX library from Apple originally written in C by Jim Luther.

The package contains:

This is the library that contains 60 high-level File Manager routines which use the HFS Plus APIs wherever possible. It is recommended over the outdated MoreFiles library especially if you intend to program for Carbon and OS X.

Tlbx MoreFilesX.Incl:
This is a Toolbox header file that can be placed in the Headers folder located in the Compiler folder inside the FB Extensions folder or in your User Libraries folder or anywhere else provided the MoreFilesX library can have access to it. This file contains Toolbox declarations that are currently missing from the original FB header files at the time of this writing. Over 50 Toolbox functions are defined along with a bandwagon of File Manager records, variable types and constants.

MoreFilesX mini tester:
A really tiny example source code file that lets you test a few of the functions defined in the library.

MoreFilesX Reference:
This is the mini documentation.

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Download MoreFilesX For FB

QTUtilities For FB is a library of QuickTime functions. QTUtilities For FB is actually a small subset of the QTUtilities from Apple. This subset was originally named "DTSUtilities".

The package contains:

This is the library that contains 45 functions dedicated to QuickTime and 20 declarations of Toolbox functions currently missing from the FB Header files.

MiniDoc QTUtilities:
A tiny documentation indicating the purpose and syntax of every function in the library.

Three examples:

shows how you can force a video track to draw in a GWorld, with the QTUSetTrackTransferProc you can set the track, the GWorld and the function that will be called during the operations.

shows how you can install a routine that Quicktime will call each time the movie changes.

GWorld Movie.bas:
shows how to use Movie GWorlds.

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Download QTUtilities For FB

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Michele Neri has led a few projects for the localization team. Here are some results of this work. Those tools may help you in the writing of your own source code.

LiteralGlot is a little tool that allows to extract the literal strings from code source file. This tool is pretty useful for our localization needs allowing us to quickly translate all the FB^3 header files. You can adapt the source to your own needs.

ESP is an editor plug-in that tries to guess what you intend to write in your source code and proposes you a possible completion. It recognizes the FB keywords, the structures, the constants and the Toolbox calls including their parameters.

CSP is an editor plug-in for FB^3. It is a real spell checker available only in English at the moment.

Those tools are downloadable from the new italian web site maintained by Michele.
Web: www.tevac.com/futurebasic/

Convert+. Starting with the LiteralGlot engine, Jacques Orliac has written a little program whose goal is to finish the translation process of FBII code source file. It is particularly useful for big projects..
Convert+ can be downloaded from this site click here.

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CtoFB3 is a tool still in a development stage. This software is designed to convert C code to FB^3. Some FB/C programmers already use it.

Web: users.starpower.net/mkluskens/

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FBII^3 Converter 1.1 by Robin Graig. FutureBASIC^3 from STAZ Software is yet another quantum leap in BASIC programming. However, it comes with a price: several changes mean conversion of your projects from FBII to FB^3 can involve many hours of tedious repetitive work. While FB^3 itself does several conversions, numerous others remain to be done by hand.
Now with FBII^3 Converter, automatically do many of these manual changes. Features include:
- Filtering files to be converted: all files, or any or all of these only: .MAIN, .INCL, .HEAD
- Remove leading spaces and excess spaces in LOCAL FN definitions
- Remove addresses of XREF and XREF@ arrays from DIM statements
- Remove function parameters from DIM statements
- Convert DIM to DIM @ for variables that must be in memory not registers
- Mark calls to functions with >8 parameters that are know to have problems (e.g., contain complex expressions after the 8th item, contain strings or double-precision floating point numbers)
- Protect memory from calls to functions with >10 parameters
- Convert erroneous err = FN toolbox(...) to the correct CALL toolbox(...): err = FN MEMERROR
Prix: US$ 17

Web: www.thoughtware.com

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FutureFrames is an advanced window and control design application for FutureBasic developers. FutureFrames allows programmers to design new windows with buttons, scrollbars, edit fields, etc. using traditional Macintosh drawing tools and technology. Drag-n-drop new controls onto a window. Resize, move , duplicate, align, etc. When finished designing, simply select the "Build Source" menu item and FutureFrames will generate all of the FutureBasic code needed to create your new window, without using global variables or resource files. Save hours of development time using FutureFrames for Macintosh (PowerPC only). Supports FutureBasic 2-3.
Price: US$ 19.99

Web: www.morrisonsoftdesign.com

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