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This page lists shareware & freeware apps programmed in FutureBASIC.
Artly There
The Analogue Ripper
Etechelon Tracer
Sequoia Coast Software
David's Backgammon
Al Staffieri Jr.
CCN Plus
Craig's Shareware Games
Bureau H. Glünder
43south Productions

Our lawyers advise us that we must say that products appearing on this page are not endorsed by Pix&Mix, Staz Software nor FutureBasic-Europe and that this is just a free listing service. If you'd like to see your FutureBASIC program on this page too, then with a description.

Artly There

Compositor 2.4 is a full featured image editing and image to art application. Take the tour and check it out.

Compositor features (briefly):
- Over 165 Filters and channel effects
- Full Painting and Editing Tool Set
- Save and Replay of your Filter actions
- Slide Show
- Quick Palette for commonly used operations
- Crop, Scale and Rotate
- Anti-Aliasing Zoom Window
- Online Help

Compositor is programmed by an artist for artists. Or those who simply want to create and edit images. Easy enough for the newbie, advanced enough for the power user. Works great alongside Photoshop (imagine Adobe Trademark here) too.

Compositor can turn an image into art with just one filter application. Try out "Dark Painting" or "Spunky Painting" (in the Combo menu in FilterVille).

Price: $35 USD ($29.95 special until the OS X release!)
Web: artlythere.com/compositor.shtml

Slide Freebie is an easy to use image viewer from Artly There Software for PPC Macintosh. It is the coolest little slide show viewer I know of. Plus it can convert images to another format, or rename them too.

- PPC Macintosh
- 6-12 MB RAM (12 Recommended)
- System 7.0 or higher
- Color Monitor, thousands or millions of colors is best.

Slide Freebie requires Quicktime 3.0 or higher to run.

Slide Freebie Features:
- Drag And Drop of Source Folder
- Reverse
- Auto Advance
- Loop
- Image Effects!
- File Conversion
- File Renaming
- File Trashing
- Neat Graphics
- Ease Of Use
- Cheap

Price: free
Web: artlythere.com/slidefreebie.shtml

The Analogue Ripper

The Analogue Ripper 1.02 or TAR for short, by Ian Mann, lets you record sounds from any analogue source onto your Macintosh Computer.You can record from cassettes, vinyl, 8 Track, reel to reel even VHS, in fact - anything that you have playback equipment for. Version 1.02 works with USB Audio devices and monitor sizes down to 800 x 600 pixels.

TAR records straight to disk so it does not require large amounts of RAM.
TAR has powerful editing features that let you easily break LPs, cassettes etc up into discreet tracks, nice if you don't always want to listen to tracks 1,2,and 3 before track 4.
TAR produces tracks in AIFF format which are suitable for burning direct to CD or encoding to Mp3 or other compressor.
TAR lets you choose an encoder - or other application - and send the tracks to this as you save them.
Registration is $19.95.
The Analogue Ripper is available from homepages.which.net/~i.mann/TAR/Ripper.html

Etchelon Tracer & Etchelon Macdoodle

Etchelon Tracer is a morphing animator for Quicktime and GIF development.
Registration is $27 ($10 upgrade for existing users) which can be paid on-line through Kagi.
Current Tracer version is 4.2
and is available for download from:

Etchelon Macdoodle is a friendly paint program for children.
Etchelon Macdoodle is full featured freeware application.
Features of Macdoodle:
- Aimed at kids between 3 and 12 years of age
- 26 pictures to color (the program can be extended to include further image sets)
- 260 picture ideas - divided into ten levels
- Macdoodle speaks the picture suggestions
- Button controls to the major tools: color, pen, paint-pot fill, brush and "Smart Brush" tools

These two softwares are available from website.lineone.net/~andy.pritchard


Tab'n Dex 1.3.1 is now available and contains a minor bug fix which prevented the saving of font preferences.

New features in version 1.3 include command- clicking of URLs and E-mail addresses to directly link to your contacts and the ability to search all fields at once with the "Search All" option. Also Print Previews can now be edited, copied to other applications or saved to a text file to allow you to export data more easily.
Here's what one of our users had to say:
"Tab'n Dex is faithful to the tradition of all good Mac software: easy to understand, simple to use, elegant in design. Its interface is clean and uncluttered, and the flexibility of its end-user modifications accommodates individual needs. This is an excellent piece of work." A. Alessi
MacFormat called Tab'n Dex "As good a personal information manager as any available in the shareware world." and gave it an 88% rating.
Tab'n Dex can be used as a PIM to store information about all of your personal contacts and can also be set up to function as a database for your CD-Rom collection, book library, employee database or anything else you might want to track.

Web: members.aol.com/mawrph/scs/sequoia.html

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The Official FutureBASIC Threaded CGI (TCGI) Page

On December 12, 1998, Stratford Enterprises (now InterNetyx) released the FutureBASIC Threaded CGI programming framework to the Apple Macintosh (WebStar) webmaster and FutureBASIC II programming community. The programming framework was developed over a period of months by Dr. Steven J. Stratford of InterNetyx and even now (7/99) is undergoing revision, improvement, and enhancement.

The FutureBASIC TCGI Framework is industrial strength, has been thoroughly tested, and is in regular use in some or all of the applications below on a production server. It's well-behaved, fast, and solid. It's MacOS-only (with a genuine user interface!), designed for use on WebStar servers. Examples are available for trying out on our Wares page. It only has one drawback--FutureBASIC II only produces 68000 code. However, FB-III is on its way...

Price: Open Source
Web: http://www.internetyx.com/tcgi/fbtcgi.html

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David's Backgammon v3.0.2

"A full featured, very easy to use backgammon game. The best for the Mac!"
shareware fee: $20

Web: members.aol.com/wingammon/backgammon

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Math Wizard 1.0 - released November 14, 1999
An exciting new program for upper elementary to high school math students. Four unique math games challenge the students while providing excitement as the points accumulate toward becoming a Math Wizard.
Math Stars 4.03
Our most popular product. Multiple levels of practice. Students play alone or head-to-head. This version also includes factors and multiples practice.
Spell Tutor 1.2
Student or teacher enters the word list. Record your own voice saying the words or let the computer speak them.
Word Stars 1.01
Four challenging games using supplied lists or word lists you create. Players save individual scores and attempt to enter the Hall of Fame.
Music Buttons 1.0
Click the BUTTON which correctly identifies the music symbol as quickly as possible to score the maximum number of points.

QuizMaker Pro 3.1
A must-have, full-featured product for the educational professional or home learner.
Double Timer 2.03
A handy utility for timing any activity on your Mac. Side-by-side timers contain a multitude of handy features to automate timing activities.
Golf Tournament Manager 1.0
This is our newest release (Aug. 99). An essential tool for those who direct and/or administer golf tournaments.

Web: hometown.aol.com/macmuse/

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AL STAFFIERI JR. - Games & Utilities

GameMaker Lite v1.21
GameMaker is an easy to use card based development system which allows you to create simple adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text. Just draw the pictures, type some text, click a few buttons, choose some options... and an adventure game is completed! You are not required to learn a programming language, however, the full version has a simple built-in BASIC-like scripting language that you can use to make your games the best they can be. You can even compile your game into a real stand-alone application that can be uploaded to online services.
Price: Lite version is free, Full version is $15,
Demo of full version is also available
CastleQuest v2.0
CastleQuest is a challenging card game pitting you against the computer in a struggle where fourteen different characters battle in four different arenas. The object is to win as many individual battles, scoring points with each win, and ultimately scoring the most points by the game's end.
Price: $10 Shareware
Dracula's Castle v2.41
Dracula's Castle is a text adventure game. The object of the game is to defeat the evil vampire, find the treasure that is hidden somewhere on the island, and leave the island with the treasure. Input directional commands to move around the island and search for items that may help you.
Price: $5 Shareware

HangMan v1.5
Hangman game with over 2000 words. Play alone or use the tournament mode for 2 to 4 players. It keeps scores and remembers the top 10 high scores.
Price: FREE

Al's Coloring Book v1.1
This coloring book for the kids has 4 pictures to color.
Price: FREE

FileLock v2.03
Big Al FileLock is a simple password protection program which lets you place a password on any file. Users will then be forced to enter the correct password to open the file.
Price: $10 Shareware

Web: members.aol.com/AlStaff/index.html

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Gymnastics Meet Results and Assistant. Used at the Canada Winter Games and National Championships.
For men and woman / Individual teams and competitions / 1-3 day meets; combined scores - added or % weighted. Easy setup categories, clubs, gymnasts & teams. Easily enter scores and/or corrections. Easily generate reports such as... all around, event or team score summaries, judging forms & chits and audience program inserts.
Preview results on screen before printing, save them as text file or create web pages.
Price: $75 [+$10 S&H]


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MacMine is a Macintosh software game. You are captain of a minesweeper and must locate hidden mines by logic and concentration.

Jukebox Jockey
JukeBox Jockey is a Macintosh software program designed to assist jukebox owner/operators in cataloguing their collection of jukebox records, and to produce attractive jukebox tags. It does not play records!


Web: weblast.co.uk/

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breeze is a multi-media authoring tool.
with breeze, you can quickly and easily make interactive presentations using your own text, graphics, sounds, and QuickTime movies, and put them on the internet for download by other mac users.
breeze is simple, fast, and powerful, just like the mac.
on top of that, it's extremely inexpensive -- just $20!
download this sample breeze presentation and take a look.
this presentation is the manual for breeze.
in addition, it's a working demo.
this means you can use this breeze manual to
(a) see what a breeze presentation could look like,
(b) learn how to use breeze to make your own presentations,
(c) and actually try out the program to see how easy it is.

Web: members.aol.com/bowerbird/breeze.html

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Esper is a simple to use but sophisticated program for testing the four main psychic powers - clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and psychokinesis - using your personal computer! You can be part of the quest to prove the existence of ESP! Or if you're a sceptic, prove that your friends don't have it!!!
Esper uses computer-generated "ESP cards" to perform tests similar to those pioneered by ESP researchers, and "popularised" by GhostBusters ®! And by giving you instant feedback of your results (if desired), Esper can be used to develop any latent psychic abilities you might have!
Esper is easy and fun to use, while remaining scientifically valid. It keeps track of your results and calculates the chance that your scores are simply due to luck, or indicate real abilities. It also estimates your "PsiQ", what you could call your "psychic intelligence quotient".
Esper is also perfect for university or college use, and cheap enough to be affordable.
All this for only $35 (Australian dollars - about US $28)

Web: www.thoughtware.com.au/software/

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CCN Plus
The app is a combination of a calendar, clock, note taker, reminder, and a days, hours, minutes seconds countdown to a customer-specified date. It is not Internationalised, but there is an option to display 24 hour time instead of the American AM/PM.

Web: www.fastq.com/~brilor/

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My recommendations are SkyScraper, BattleShip, and Puzzle Panic. There are others but are simple and fairly old.

Web: home.earthlink.net/~aztech4mac/Freebies.html

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UMLAUTXPANDER - version 1.2.x

UmlautXpander is primarily intended to serve the german market. It replaces – during typing and in programs of your choice – all umlauts by the corresponding vowel pairs (ä –> ae, Ä –> Ae, etc.), the “ß” by “ss” and the Ellipsis “...” by three periods. UmlautXpander ensures that e-mails are received without cryptic characters that may result from umlauts, etc. when transmitted with 7bit ASCII coding that still is quite common. UmlautXpander may be switched on and off at any time.
Without registration UmlautXpander is fully functional for up to 30 computer starts. Thereafter, it will no longer be loaded. (Registration requires the printed form!)
Program versions that perform character expansions for other languages [latin systems only] can be provided if the expansion rules are supplied.

MacOS 7.5.5 to 9.2.2 or OSX Classic
68030/40 or PPC Apple MacintoshTM

PRICE & AVAILABILITY Registration Fees
Euro/US$ 10,— Registration (Code)
Euro/US$ 12,— Single Program on Disk
Euro/US$ 90,— 10 registered Programs on Disk

UmlautXpander is registrated/shipped immediately after receipt of the payment [Money, Cheque, Int. Money order]. No Credit Cards !

Web: www.gluender.de/Miscellanea/MiscTexts/UtilitiesText.html

Bureau H. Glünder
Dreimühlenstraße 9
D-80469 München, Germany
Fax: +4989 / 7466 4179

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PDFIDENTIFIER - version 1.2.x

pdfIdentifier makes PDF documents from non MacintoshTM platforms recognizable for MacintoshTM “AcrobatTM Reader”. Generally, PDF documents (downloaded) from non MacintoshTM platforms don’t have the proper creator and type signatures. Hence, a double click will not open them in “AcrobatTM Reader”.
pdfIdentifier identifies foreign PDF documents when dropped onto its icon and opens them, provided “AcrobatTM Reader” is installed.

MacOS 7.5.5 to 9.2.2 or OSX Classic
68030/40 or PPC Apple MacintoshTM

pdfIdentifier may be used without acquiring a license.
pdfIdentifier is NOT in the public domain.
pdfIdentifier may NOT be sold.
Web: www.gluender.de/Miscellanea/MiscTexts/UtilitiesText.html

Bureau H. Glünder
Dreimühlenstraße 9
D-80469 München, Germany
Fax: +4989 / 7466 4179

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ASCII2HTML - version 1.0.x

ascii2html generates “Decimal HTML Character”-Code (ISO 8859-1) from most of the MacintoshTM high-ASCII characters while you are typing in “BBEdit” or “BBEdit Lite”.
Put ascii2html in the “System Extensions Folder” and restart your computer.
Type Cmd-Opt-9 to switch ascii2html off or on.

MacOS 7.5.5 to 9.2.2 or OSX Classic
68030/40 or PPC Apple MacintoshTM

ascii2html may be used without acquiring a license.
ascii2html is NOT in the public domain.
ascii2html may NOT be sold.
Web: www.gluender.de/Miscellanea/MiscTexts/UtilitiesText.html

Bureau H. Glünder
Dreimühlenstraße 9
D-80469 München, Germany
Fax: +4989 / 7466 4179

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UPDATER - version 1.0.x

UpDater is a compact and flexible tool for software developers who wish to provide updates for their application resources. UpDater is easily configured by entering data to specific resources via “ResEditTM”.
UpDater safely deletes, adds and replaces arbitrary resources in target files.

MacOS 7.5.5 to 9.2.2
68030/40 or PPC Apple MacintoshTM

Registration Fee
Euro/US$ 25,— Single Program

UpDater is registrated immediately after receipt of the payment [Money, Cheque, Int. Money order]. No Credit Cards !
Web: www.gluender.de/Miscellanea/MiscTexts/UtilitiesText.html

Bureau H. Glünder
Dreimühlenstraße 9
D-80469 München, Germany
Fax: +4989 / 7466 4179

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Escape Beyond 2001 version 1.0
Escape Beyond 2001 is an adventure/puzzle solving game where you play as either Starset or Foxchange A. Fox. You are an explorer, and you cave after cave collecting gems and bonus items while avoiding cave monsters that attack you and try to stop you from getting out of their caves.
Escape Beyond 2001 is considered a hybrid of several game types, adventure, puzzle solving and arcade. 75 caves will provide great entertainment for a great price of 10$.
Mr. Cat's Quest version 3.2
Mr. Cat's Quest is a great game for people of all ages and especially young kids. This non-violent game is played where you as Mr. Cat, the hero, move around underground caves dodging ghost and other creatures to get to the doorway. Getting to the door isn't always easy but with good reflexes and practice, you will save his wife from the evil Madison Cat.
Mr. Cat comes home from work and finds a ransom note on his door! The evil note says, "If you ever want to see your wife again, you must go to the lost caves, signed, Madison [Mad] Cat."
Mr. Cat, finding his wife no where to be found, instantly heads off to the lost caves, far away from the town of Catland where Mr. Cat lives. Now you must help him!
Version 3 of Mr. Cat's Quest is an awesome game with stunning improvements. You navigate Mr. Cat around caves collecting gems to earn points while avoiding the different cave creatures that do different things. Game play has been greatly improved and is really smooth.
Cave Dig version 2.0
In Cave Dig 2 you take the role of Simon, a fox who needs your help to get through the 112 different caves that the game has to offer. Every cave is different and has a puzzle or challenge for you. Avoiding enemies, pushing rocks in a certain place is all a part of the Cave Dig setting. This game is a great game for players of all ages!
I am Simon. I am a fox. I was minding my own business, trying to get food, when they caught me. I should have heard them coming. I was a fox after all. Foxes are swift and have good ears. That's why I think I wasn't normal. I know now that I'm not. When they grabbed me, My life changed forever. They picked me up and locked me in a cage in their truck. They took me to their lab and injected me. That's when it happened. Suddenly I had a mind. I had real thoughts. And I was stronger. I could push stones. Big stones. And I had telepathy and telekinesis. I wasn't a fox anymore. I was Simon, and I had power. I soon realised I would stay in the cage, Forever if they had their way. The scientists wanted to keep me, In their lab. Late one night, I escaped. I went out of that lab and, I don't know why and probably never will, I went into the next one. Something was pulling me. Inside the lab there was a door, With a glow in the cracks. I went through the door. Even I don't understand what happened next. I was somewhere else. It was different there. But I soon realised to escape from this, Alternate universe, I would have to use my powers, To avoid enemies and get to exits. But you can and must guide me. Think and I can read your thoughts. With your help, I can escape. Please.
Crystal Rock 1.1
The 3rd chapter in the saga of the evil Madison Cat, now little Ably [Ably's daughter] grew up and fell in love with another fox named Pepper. Ably and Pepper went walking through the woods and all of the sudden Madison Cat warped them into some more caves!
Enjoy 45 awesome caves of exploring as you work you way through the game. Do what ever it takes to escape each cave!
Cave Fox 2001 version 1.1
Cave Fox 2001 starts Ably Fox and Pepper Fox, two cool foxes that Madison Cat does not like. These two furies live in the woods while Madison Cat lives in a high tech world where anything is possible! And Ably and Pepper discover just what is possible when they find themselves trapped inside of Madison Cat's evil computer simulation!
Enjoy 40 awesome caves of jumping fun as you work you way through the game. Do what ever it takes to escape each cave! Crush enemies with boulders, out fox cave enemies, dig dirt, use special items and figure out other various puzzles in the game!
Enjoy 40 caves of as you work you way to save yourself. Do what ever it takes to escape each cave! And hurry!

Price: 10$ for 1 game - get 4 more for free

Web: www.foxchange.com

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PanZee Two 1.01
Description: Game - Use your mouse to dodge the deadly "Lines of doom!" NB: This game is NOT suited to faster machines and no further updates will be made to this product due to the lost of the code in a hard drive crash.
GridZone 2.21
Description: Game - Tic-Tac-Toe, supports plug-ins that allow the user to use different sound and graphic sets, many plug-ins can be found on GridZone's web site, along with instructions on making your own. GridZone also attempts to "learn" how to play. Support single and two player options.

Price: the above 2 games are E-Mail ware, fill in the registration form on the page the it's all yours.

Web: www.43south.co.nz/products/

Project Mars Rover 1.0
Description: Game - You and your team are lost in a web of caves below the surface of Mars, can you find you way out in this platform game.
Price: E-Mail ware, fill in the registration form on the page the
it's all yours.
Web: www.43south.co.nz/products/rover/

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is a versatile data acquisition program that uses either a National Instruments Lab-NB Nu-bus board, a National Instruments PCI-1200 board, a National Instruments DAQCard-1200 PC-card, or an external Data Electronics DataTaker or Remote Measurement Systems ADC-1 as the analog-to-digital converter. Sampling rates are much faster and the range of acceptable input voltages is much larger if you use the Lab-NB, DAQCard-1200, or PCI-1200. The program will record up to 12 channels of data, and up to 29,950 samples per channel (somewhat less if your screen width is less than 832 pixels).
LabHelper requires at least 3 megabytes of free memory and a screen at least 640 pixels wide.
is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use graphical analysis program designed for LabHelper data files. However, it also accepts Sable Systems SSCF files and most ASCII text-formatted files (within the size limit of 14 channels by 29,950 samples). It allows a wide range of data manipulations (lag correction, conditional smoothing, spike removal, baseline correction, etc.), transformations (logs, inverses, interchannel operations, integration, derivation, polynomials, etc.), many built-in unit conversions, and a number of frequently used analytical procedures and statistics (basic descriptive stats, determination of minimum, maximum, most level and most variable segments, waveform, time series, and FFT functions, regression, integration, differentiation, etc.). Simple scripting functions are available to automate repetitive conversions and analyses. Program output can be routed to disk files in several formats or to a printer. The program is particularly versatile for use with respirometry (calculation of rates of gas exchange). It will correctly compute exchange rates for a wide variety of respirometer flow systems, with different arrangements of flow meters, analyzers, and scrubbing systems, including most mask-based systems.
LabAnalyst requires at least 3.5 megabytes of free memory (if you use large files, 5 megabytes is better) and a screen at least 640 pixels wide.
WartHog FileMerge
The file merge program will combine a number of small data files into a single large file, up to a maximum size of 12 channels by 24,960 cases. The program will check the start and end times of each new file, warn if there is time overlap, and allow some adjustment of timing. A slightly less versatile merge routine is built into LabAnalyst.
Memory requirement: 2 to 3 Mb; program size about 300 Kb. Works best on large-screen (i.e., 640X480 screen) color machines.
Injection Calculator
The injection calculator will compute gas exchange (oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production) in a sealed respirometry chamber, based on % concentration changes, volume, RQ, and elapsed time. It compensates for pressure and temperature, and displays both absolute STP gas volumes (ml) and exchange rates (ml/min).
Memory requirements: ~250 Kb. Will run on nearly any Macintosh.
Flow Rate Calculator
The flow rate calculator will compute an accurate STP flow rate based on either a rate output or a cumulative volume measurement. It compensates for temperature, pressure (both ambient barometric pressure and internal pressure in the flow meter), and different meter calibration temperatures. A similar calculator is built into LabAnalyst.
Memory requirements: ~200 Kb. Will run on nearly any Macintosh.

Price: Freeware

Web: www.biology.ucr.edu/faculty/Warthog.html

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