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This page lists commercial apps programmed in FutureBASIC.
Staz/Classroom Publisher
Photo Systems, Inc.
Scorpion Research
PAZ Software
Rush Software
Millennium Software
Furry Software
Wabbit Wanch Design
Divinity Religious Products
Design, Inc.

• Our lawyers advise us that we must say that products appearing on this page are not endorsed by Pix&Mix, Staz Software nor FutureBasic-Europe and that this is just a free listing service. If you'd like to see your FutureBASIC programme on this page too, then with a description.

StazSoftware - Classroom Publisher
Programmed in FB - by the makers of FB! What more can we say... Let's let Staz continue: You could spend the rest of your career building newsletters and certificates that would make a copy machine hide under the desk when it saw you coming...
Or you could turn your Macintosh into a Classroom Publisher!

>> Download trial version
>> Visit the Classroom Publisher Page on the Staz Software site

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Photo Systems, Inc.

The Photosynthesis line of Macintosh software applications are designed to improve image workflow, publish images on the World Wide Web, and help photo departments build the infrastructure they will need for the upcoming digital camera revolution.

Macintosh Imaging Software 
CaptionEZ Pro 3.1

The feature-rich CaptionEZ Pro dramatically accelerates IPTC/Photoshop File Info data entry by enabling users to caption a single JPEG image or a group of images without re-compressing image data, and an integrated browser displays 7 thumbnails at a time in the captioning window. Version 3.1 includes support for TIFs a well as JPEGs.

An image browser which displays thumbnail images of entire folders of JPEG files, and enables the user to manage [examine, find, copy, move, delete, crop, caption, and proof] JPEG files. Latest version adds the ability to create thumbnails and previews on the fly.

A versatile image batch-processor for creating thumbnails, preview images, and captions, and attaching them to groups of JPEG files, according to industry standards. Newly added features include conversion of older JPEGs [from CD archives, for example] to enhanced JPEG / caption formats [enabling the cost-effective "modernisation" of older archives].

Prints proofs of JPEG image files, complete with caption data, in a batch mode, on any chooser-level laser or inkjet printers.

Photo Site Manager
Enables the Photo Dept. to publish the day's live photos on the local Intranet or on the Internet. "Electronic Budget Meeting".

SlideShow 2.0
Perfect for editorial meetings and judging photo contests, this program enables the user to set the size, sequence, and duration an image will be displayed on the screen.
[FREE to non-profit organisations and schools.]

>> Download trial versions
>> Photo Systems, Inc. Sales [US Only]
>> Visit the Photo Systems, Inc. website.

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Scorpion Research Ltd
Scorpion BarCode 1.50
The Scorpion BarCode software helps with easy creation and printing of all major bar code symbologies in EPSF or PICT file formats including EAN-13 [With or without Add-On codes], EAN-8, EAN-128, UPC-A [With or without Add-On codes], UPC-E, Code-128, Code-93, Code-39, Codabar, ITF [Interleaved Two Five], ISSN, ISBN, PostNet [5 digit / 9 digit / 11 digit], RM4SCC, Pharmacode, and MSI. With drag and drop simplicity plus AppleScript support, this complete utility software also provides templates for a custom labeling system. The Scorpion BarCode software also supports Balloon Help and Apple Guide to simplify the user experience. The Apple Speech Manager provides voice support through the Voice Assistance feature. The entire User Guide is built into the onscreen help.
£ 99.00 + VAT

>> Contact:
>> Visit the Scorpion Research web site.
A trial version can be downloaded from the site.

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PGGP [Pretty Good Grading Program]
PGGP is an electronic grade book designed for elementary teachers. PGGP keeps grades for 38 students in 8 subjects. PGGP is quick and thinks like the self-contained classroom teacher. PGGP was recommended for elementary educators in the April, 1998, edition of the NEA Today newspaper.
$42 American for a single copy ...available through STAZ Software.

> e-mail contact info:
> download a demo

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PAZ Software
PAZ Software develops specialty scientific software solutions for the Macintosh platform.
All input and output [data and graphics] are cross-platform [i.e. compatible with Mac, Windows, Unix, etc.]. PAZ software applications were developed for geological, biostratigraphic and earth science needs, however, they are often purchased and used for a broad range of applications in other disciplines.

Newly released software
Counter 3.0 and WellPlot 2.0 provide data acquisition, quality control, data analysis, visualisation and presentation capabilities. This is an excellent software solution for biostratigraphers. Both applications work flawlessly on any Mac system and hardware.

Other new applications
Age/Depth Charts (with built-in timescales), DigitizePICT, LookUp, LithologyColumn, StratColumn, LAS-DataSampler 1.0, DipMeter 1.0, LogPlot 1.0, ShawPlot 1.0, TabToHTMLTable, GPDToSpread, DSDP-to-Spread, GEOSCI-To-Spread, MapProjection; MergeSpreadsheets.

New software bundles
BIOSTRAT-PAK+: All PAZ Software geological applications  
BIOSTRAT-PAK: Selected geological applications  
STRAT-PAK: Only non-biostrat applications  
WellPlot-PAK: Only WellPlot and Counter

Academic discounts may be applied to the already discounted PAK prices.

> Contact:
> Go to web site 
Pierre A. Zippi , 7518 Twin Oaks Court , Garland, Texas 75044, USA

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Rush Software provides user-friendly programs that will assist teachers and parents to educate their students/children.
Demonstrations can be downloaded of all programs.

All Macintosh programs are written using FutureBASIC and Windows versions with GFA BASIC. Teaching/learning Category

Crossword Wizard: Create/Play/Print Crosswords with graphic backgrounds. Save crosswords as HTML web pages. As an added bonus you can also print 12 other different worksheet types from the one set of words and clues include Findaword, Clueless Crosswords andWord Scrambles. $US39.95

Cloze Wizard: Create/Play/Print Cloze Passage exercises. An excellent program for developing student language skills. Add graphics and choose from a dozen different Cloze worksheet types. Also save your Cloze passage as playable HTML web page. $US39.95

Maths Worksheet Wizard: An an indespensible aid for Teachers, Casual Teachers and Parents. All students need to practice basic mathematics concepts on a regular basis. With Maths Worksheet Wizard, worksheets can be created quickly and easily to suit the needs of the student at an appropriate level. Includes Powers (squares & squareroots) Roman Numerals Base Numbers (binary, hexadecimal, octal) Equations Fractions Decimals Directed Numbers Standard Tables Tables Speed test. $US39.95

Merit Maker: As the title suggests used to make merit certificates to reward your students. The main advantage of this program is to merge class lists to print bulk certificates with page layouts of 2, 4 or 6 certificates to a page. $US39.95


Board Game Construction Kit: Create your own custom Board Game. Ready made designs or create your own freeform board using colouful icon sets. Print your board in colour. Make a custom database of player cards and write your own instructions. Not only can you print your board out but you have the option to create your own board game software. Save your board as your own distributable software with the BGCK player. $US39.95

Milky Way Cafe: The game is designed for an individual or team to run a small Cafe located in Outer Space. The Cafe sells BOGGLE THIRST ZAPPERS, which refresh the weary space travellers. As   - Calculate and purchase stock quantities
  - Analyse space ship docking schedules
  - Calculate selling quantities
  - Determine the selling price for the Boggle Thirst Zappers
  - Determine staff needs based on production and space travellers (Hire staff)
  - Determine advertising needs
  - Analyse Trading and Balance spreadsheets results
  - Make profit
Fits into many curriculum areas. $US39.95

The Rush Software site also includes a number of FREE downloads including Findaword Wizard, Search For Sanchez(game), Tradewind Travellers (game), Galactic Quizmaster (game), Kidsbase (database), Teachers Test Kit (Multiple Choice Tester) .....

> Contact:
> Go to web site 
Martin Fitzgibbons, 149 Stafford ST , Gerroa, NSW AUSTRALIA 2534, ph/fax 02 42342107

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Labeling_Tutor Version 2.0
Short Description: Teaches children with learning disabilities, especially autism, to associate pictures, sounds and written words. Uses proven discrete trial techniques and motivating multimedia rewards. Can teach reading and auditory receptive labels, generalisation, categories, colours, shapes, numbers, emotions, prepositions, places, simple math, multiple discrimination, associations, functions, opposites and more. Allows user to add to and modify nearly everything associated with the program ... the material being taught, the drill environment, the rewards and the discrete trial process. Program is suitable for use with children from age 2 to their early teens.

Price: US $ 119.95 plus tax (if shipped to California USA) and shipping ($15 to Europe).

Web: members.aol.com/peuapeu/

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The SportsKarnival range of products includes software solutions for assistance in the recording, organisation, and administration of a range of sports activities. Each software application is a purpose-built, stand-alone package designed to cover most of the administrative needs in your chosen sport. Most packages can be vertically and horizontally integrated to make up a suite of applications to cover most of your sports recording needs.

SportsKarnival A - for recording Time Trials
SportsKarnival Z - for recording Time Trials, Heats and Finals processing, and Tabloid carnivals
SportsKarnival R - for recording larger carnivals with Heats/Finals, and Heats/Semis/Finals

SportsKarnival T - for recording one, two, or three stage medium to long distance events

SportsKarnival P - for tracking times, personal best etc. for swimming, athletics clubs, or other organisations involved in training activities.

SportsKarnival D - for automatically calculating competition draws for Round Robins, Knockouts and Knockout with Repercharge.

SportsKarnival OFT - for extracting compatible data from Oasis© files

Web: www.hinet.net.au/~furry/sportsindex.html

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FlutterWhumper - Version 2.3.7
PFAFF PC-D Machine Embroidery AutoTrace Software
If you have wanted to learn to digitise your own designs for fun, frustration or profit, FlutterWhumper can probably help you achieve that goal. FlutterWhumper is NOT designed to replace PFAFF's PC-Designer but to work in conjunction with PC-D to make digitising more user friendly.
We designed FlutterWhumper to help both the advanced and novice designers create their own designs from PICTs or from any built in Macintosh fonts. This is done from scratch with a minimum of effort.

Price: US $79.00
Ships on CDROM with quick reference card
and printed machine [90+ pages]

StitchBunnyPro - Version 1.0
PFAFF PC-Design File Assistant
With StitchBunnyPro, you can view or print, single or multiple PFAFF embroidery design files in traditional or 3D view.
There is also extensive editing power built into StitchBunnyPro so you can custom colour a design, change the sewing order, remove any colour section, easily locate small colour sections, print at 1:1 with design name, colour order, embroidery frame outline, custom backgrounds, any file remarks and all sizes. Colour matching is easy when you load a graphic into StitchBunnyPro and use it as a guide to set the real colours in the design file.
StitchBunnyPro also does design conversion from Brother PES and PFAFF Windows design formats into Macintosh native formats. Plus any custom colours used are retained for viewing with StitchBunnyPro.

Price - $49. US
Ships on CDROM with printed manual [50+ pages]

Web: www.intergate.bc.ca/business/mel/index.html

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Catholic Challenge Catechism Game®, Version 1.4.0
Catholic Challenge Bible Game®, Version 1.4.0
Christian Family Bible Game®, Version 1.4.0
Certamen Católico Juego Catequético®, Version 1.4.0 [Spanish Version of Game 1 above]

Each Game provides over 2,000 Questions and Answers pertaining to specific Editions of the Bible and the Catholic Catechism. Games 1,2 and 4 above have been reviewed by authorities within the Catholic Church and have received both the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat from those authorities.
Each Game also provides over 45 Hymn and Religious Melody Snippets ranging in length from 10 seconds to nearly a minute in length, which are used as both Questions and background while playing the games. The English Mac Versions have the ability to use Mac Voices to read the Questions and Answers.
These games started out as a Board Game; but in the process of converting the first one to a Computer Game, its nature, complexity and variety was greatly enhanced. Though produced on a low budget, for a market that we were not even sure exists, we are quite proud of the current state of all the Games.
The Games are available now on Hybrid CD-ROMs and very, very shortly as downloads from our URL, which also has lots of other information about the Company and our various products and Contests
The games are all currently priced at $19.95 including S&H in Continental US and may be ordered by e-mail or phone.

Web: www.CatholicGames.com/

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American Civil War Soldier v1.0
- Man-to-man combat action covering Manasas to Spotsylvania. Includes campaigns for the "Iron" and "Stonewall" brigades.
Price: $44.95

Waterloo Campaign v1.06
- All four battles of Napoleons last great campaign. Play either the French or the Allies.
Price: $24.95

Web: members.aol.com/designinc/

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