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This document outlines the new features in FB^3 release 2. You will also find here the list of bugs that were reported and fixed.

The Euro-CD of release 2 includes not only the US and French versions, but also the Italian and German versions which are currently in progress.

The Debugger

The debugger now displays variables.
It operates more than 100 times as fast as the previous version.
The tracking arrow in the source code window now gradually fades (instead of just being erased) so that you can not only see where you are, you can see where you have been.

Press release:
Paris, 02/04/2000
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The function menu has been redone to include a new unsorted listing that breaks the index by bookmarks.
There are many new preferences, including...
the ability to set up STR# storage of quoted strings;
the ability to use the option key, the command key, or both when double-clicking a word to look up its definition.
There is now a command key equivalent for adding bookmarks.
A new cursor shows when you are over draggable text.
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New runtimes include a toolbox only version of FB that creates tiny (30K) applications.
There are Arabic, Kanji, and Zenkaku conversion routines for numerals.
We support the USB manager, URL manager, and sprockets.
There are many speed improvements.

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Error messages have been improved.
There are new key words for NOR, NAND.
Libraries may be embedded by dragging them into the project window.
The max count of arguments passed to a function is now 13 (instead of 8).
SIZEOF() and TYPEOF() now work in static expressions.
We now have string constants.

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As more and more old FBII programs have been successfully converted to FB^3, some bugs or misbehaviours were found and fixed for the Release 2.
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The scroll bar thumb works more smoothly during live scrolls.
Splash screens now tell you if you are running a demo, beta, or release version.
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A few cleanups involved safety in low memory situations.
Minor fixes addressed bugs in key word hiliting, indenting, Find/Change operations, finding definitions with type suffixes (like &,$,# etc.), and 2-byte script input.
The project manager had some drag & drop problems which have been fixed. There is now also a display that shows the number of groups and files in the project.
The Debugger menu item is disabled when a project window or project file is in front.
The editor now attempts to shut down any built application before starting a new compile.
The editor no longer keeps you from shutting down your computer.
The command menu has been reorganized and items have been reworded to make things more understandable.
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Floating point values were not correctly returned from local functions and sometimes did not mix transparently with integers.
The assembler is more forgiving when you use unnecessary spaces.
The variable types POINT and HANDLE have been modified to work as expected.
PPC ops were added for srw, sraw, and slw.
There have been many repairs to XREF, XREF@ and INDEX$.
Some toolbox calls which filled in string parameters did not always work correctly with arrays. (Example GETRESINFO)
GOSUB 123: (note colon) and RETURN 123 did not work.
Local variables are always properly aligned when entering functions.
String operations are many times faster.
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MID$ did not work correctly when the third parameter was omitted.
Some toolbox parameters were repaired.
FILES$ did not work properly with a negative index parameter.
SYSERROR and ERROR can now be set from a local function.
Text fonts, sizes, and styles can now be reset in static fields.
We now emulate the old unstyled fields from FBII where required.
Some bugs in file handlers were taken care of. These include problems with OPEN "A", LOF, and EOF.
The parity setting for the serial driver was wrong.
MOUSE(0) allowed values greater that 3.
The TIMER function did not reset its value correctly on TIMER = n.
It was possible to pull down a menu without making a selection and the menu title would remain hilited. There was also the possibility of a small memory leak when repeated recreating the same menu.
The SOUND commands were rewritten.
INDEX$ is repaired and is much faster.
The FILL command would sometimes fail when using thousands of colors.
PRINT USING now works correctly with scientific notation.
Extra ELSE, CASE ELSE, and XELSE statements are now flagged as errors.
STR$, LEFT$, MID$, and RIGHT$ did not work correctly when used as function parameters.
We made many, many repairs related to the clip region, auto clip, and the handling of edit fields.
Color cursors are now used by the CURSOR statement when available.
The lite runtime did not properly set the file type when saving pictures.
The lite runtime now responds to TEXT statements.
The input dialog of the lite runtime is now movable.
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It's faster. Waaaaaaaayyyyyy faster.
Clicks, key presses, and updates are now properly routed to the debugger or to your application as you would expect them to be.
The debugger no longer skips over lines.
Aliased project files would not show up in the source code window.

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New keywords added


Old keywords suppressed

- DEF LONG BLOCKFILL (no longer needed. Use BLOCKFILL).
- POINT (outdated. Use FN GETPIXEL.)

Keywords revised

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