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March 8, 2002, Paris, France; Pix & Mix is pleased to announce the availability of FutureBASIC^3 Release 6, by Staz Software, Inc., the fastest and most powerful BASIC for the Macintosh platform.

This exciting upgrade is a major release and introduces two important new features: Carbon compatibility for compiled applications and a fully functional runtime for the Appearance Manager.

FB^3 Release 6 brings Standard BASIC to OS X.

As usual, Staz Software has done a tremendous job, behind the scenes, to make this a painless experience for the BASIC programmer. Now, generating 68K, PPC and Carbon applications is just a mouse click away.

Please note that the programming tools are not yet carbonized, therefore they are executed in the Classic partition under OS X; generated applications however run as full citizens under Mac OS X.

Release 6 sports a full-featured Appearance runtime

The Appearance Runtime dramatically empowers the BASIC language giving both the novice and seasoned programmers easy access to all the bells and whistles of the Appearance Manager through simple, yet powerful BASIC keywords. Even FB power users, used to working with only the Toolbox, will find it useful. Available only for PPC and Carbon applications, this Runtime marks the future for FutureBASIC for procedural programming.

Both Runtimes, Standard and Appearance, make the most of the 'under the bonnet' revision for Carbon. Many regular statements and functions have seen their capacities extended, and many new ones have arrived. In the process, hundreds of new Toolbox calls have been added to the headers.

These enhancements involve various aspects of the programming experience, and are just too numerous to list here. They must be seen to be believed:

As icing on the cake and to make the path to Carbon even smoother, the bazillions of example files populating the CD have been reworked to run natively under OS X. Most of the unavoidable common issues that arise when porting old code to Carbon are treated here.

Many new examples have been also included to showcase the new features of this release, such as the new easy file user routines built in the runtime; the new ON FINDERINFO vector that makes it a breeze to intercept files dropped onto your application's icon; the new elegant way for filtering keystrokes in Edit Fields; the welcome addition of three keywords for the handling of your preference files; the optional use of Apple's File Spec structure with traditional BASIC keywords; and many others.

FutureBASIC arrives with extensive electronic documentation amounting to over 2000 pages of comprehensible explanations. Release 6 offers even more with Toolbox Info, its new Editor plug-in, that gives you instant access to Apple's documentation about the Carbon Toolbox, whether on line or on your local disk (if you have installed the Apple Developer CD).

Pix & Mix distributes the European versions of FB^3 on CD-ROM. These versions include the US Release as well as Italian and French.

FB^3 is sold as an annual subscription that includes Technical Support and access to online resources and regular updates throughout the year. The subscription costs 220 euro for new users, 150 euro for renewals; bulk and site licences are available. Contact Pix & Mix for complete details.

For this exceptional release, Pix & Mix have decided to match Staz Software's special offer, and so a "Back to the Future" pack will be available for two months at the price of 185 euro. This offer applies to owners of previous releases of FB^3 who have not renewed their subscription in the past and owners of FBII with a proof of purchase.

Press Release:
March 8th, 2002

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