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Two weeks ago (Digest 765) I sent the list a message asking for help on why my implementation of Applescript in a FB program no longer worked under 8.5, when it worked fine under prior OS versions.

Thanks to those of you who responded. I've finally fixed the problem and would like to share the fix with the list, to help those who run into a similar problem in the future. Bear in mind that what you are about to read could be in error, as it was only learned in the last 10 days, but it appears to work.

To add Applescript support to an FB program you need to add two components. One is internal support in your code, the other is an aete resource. It's the aete resource that I didn't know about. Adding it fixed the problem.

To add the internal code, I used installed support for Applescript in my FB program several years ago using various code snipits and suggestions from this list & its AOL predecessor. But I think the way to go now is to use Staz's Apple Events filter. I just bought it, but haven't used it, since the fix for my program was elsewhere. I hear good things about the filter so check it out.

FB programs need an aete resource if they support Applescript commands beyond the basic core suite that Apple includes in the OS. In my case, I installed support for the Do Script "xxxx" command which simply passed the text string "xxxx" to my program and passed back a text string which appeared in the Applescript result window. But Apple removed Do Script from the standard suite when they revised the Mac OS to 8.5. So by adding an aete resource to my compiled code, I got my Do Script functionality back. You will need to add an aete resource if you define any of your own events, or event suites specific to your program. New events also need to be registered with Apple.

So what do you need to have to work with aete resources? ResEdit 2.1 will work, but ONLY if you add some resources to ResEdit that permit it to understand and display aete resources. I got from Apple a folder (ResEdit 'aete' Editor 1.0b4) on a developer tools disk, but it is perhaps also on their web site. Commercial programs like Resourcerer and EightyRez will also work, probably better than an enhanced Resedit, but they also cost more. I think programming environments like Code Warrior and MPW also can work with aete resources.

To see what Applescript events are available, look at the aete resource of applications, or the aeut resource of the Applescript Dialect file, found under Scripting Additions in the System folder. As best I can tell, aeut resources are what Apple provides, and aete resources are what programmers add to their programs. I found that the Do Script event was present in the aeut resource for the OS 8.1 dialect file, but was gone in the 8.5 dialect file.

A bit of sluthing later, I found the following in a file on Apple's web site that described changes under 8.5 - "The copy and do script events were removed from the Standard suite. The copy event is ambiguous and has been replaced by the Clipboard events in the Standard Additions; removing the event from the Standard suite will prevent confusion with AppleScript's built-in copy command. The do script event will be moved into the Miscellaneous Standards suite." The key here is "will be". Not yet done!!

Although you can create your own events from scratch using an aete capable resource editor, I took the easy road and found a program that already had what I wanted in an aete resource - Filemaker Pro 2.0. I copied the aete resource to my program, and then deleted the 95% of the events, classes, enumerations, etc that were not relevant to my program. I was left with an aete resource that had Do Script in it, and a working program under 8.5!! I could have copied all the Do Script settings and choices out of Apple's aeut resource, but the cut, paste and delete saved some time.

But what the aete resource also provides is a dictionary entry. When using Apple's Script Editor, you can view an applications' Applescript dictionary (see the File menu). The Applescript dictionary is intended to provide scripters with a list of the commands that will work with that application. Now Do Script appears, and I've even added notes to explain what you can do with it when using Applescript with my application.

For more information, I'd point folks to MacTech magazines web site (http://www.mactech.com) and in particular, their July 95 archived issue which has an article "Making sense of 'aete' resources". Also the definitive Applescript web site is Bill Cheeseman's http://www.AppleScriptSourcebook.com. It has links to most other Applescript related web sites.

Keith Ronnholm